The Schumpeter Institute was founded in 2001, and is so far an informal collaboration of the Humboldt University faculty (Profs. Burda, Lütkepohl, Ritschl, Uhlig) doing theoretical and empirical research on macroeconomic issues. It is the mission of the Schumpeter Institute to become a leading university research institute in the area of macroeconomics and related fields. The method is internationally oriented research and mission-oriented communication and interaction in science, the business world and the public.
A generous grant by the Deutsche Bank and visitor funds from the Sonderforschungsbereich 373 have enabled the Schumpeter Institute to invite prominent international scientists for visits and lectures to Berlin.

Workshop: Temporary Agency Work: A New Source of Labour Market Flexibility?

Conference: The Phillips Curve Revisited

Conference: Neo-Schumpeterian Economics

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CASE - Center for Applied Statistics and Economics

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